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Rules and regulations

– DRB Profits has the right to change the compensation plan whenever necessary.

– DRB Profits is not held accounting for any costs due to paymenths, transfer costs will be for members.

– DRB Profits will change euro/dollar exchanges when necessery.

– DRB Profits provide several payment methods to pay out compensation, Skrill, Paypal and Bankwire. We are not responsible for any other forms of payout.

– A new member is someone that fullfills monthly contribution, not a name that has been given.

– A new member needs to fill in referal name on the registration form when assigning, if not? You have 5 days to correct by sending a msg to DRB Profits. After this period he/she will be without referal.

– When a member doesnt fullfill membership contribution he will be out your compensation plan, when person reenters he/she will have to refer to the sponsor again.

– When a member leaves and doesnt fullfill membership contribution for 3 months or longer, registration fee needs to be fullfilled again.

– When a member gets behind by fullfilling his/her membership whit 3 weeks whitout informing DRB Profits, they will have to register again if they want to continue.

– When a member wants to stop there membership they will have to unassign by sending an email to “ Klantenservice@drbprofits.com at least 5 days in advance. Not knowing when you started is not negotianable, you can always ask.

– Payout promotions will be done at the end of the month only the direct promotion of $45,- will be paid directly.

– All members fullfill monthly contribution even if they have members under them this will be paid out end of the month (untill told otherwise). By not fullfilling the membership contribution you have no rights on the promotion.

– Promotion plan is only for Family Package members, not for mirror only members.